Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I am still here

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am still here. I'm sorry to say however that i've been majorly slacking off lately. What can I say, i'm bad at motivating myself, but i'm working on it.

Anyway, I started a new t-shirt design today. It shouldn't take too long to get it done so hopefully i'll have it ready by the weekend.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

End of year round up

I probably should have gotten this done sooner but oh well.

I did a round up of my sales figures last year, taking note of things like the most popular product, most profitable month, etc. I did it again this year, so I figured i'd post the info here.

FYI, I didn't spend a particularly long time doing these numbers so they're estimates rather than exact figures. I might get around to correcting them so they're more precise sometime in the future, but for now bear in mind that they're ball park figures.

Best selling product overall: Sonic t-shirt (same as last year)
Best selling t-shirt: Sonic t-shirt, 70 sold (roughly 59 more than last years best selling t-shirt)
Best selling sticker: Sonic sticker, 25 sold (roughly 21 more than last years best selling sticker)
Best selling Iphone case: Daft Punk, 3 sold (no Iphone cases last year)
Best selling kid's clothes: Sonic, 5 sold (no kid's clothes last year)
Total number of products sold: 334 (roughly 277 more than last year)
Number of designs introduced: 27
Most profitable month: August, £136.91 (£92.89 more than last years most profitable month, November)
Least profitable month: March, £12.24 (£7.95 more than last years least profitable month, August)
Highest monthly sales: December, 82 products sold
Profit: £702.04 (roughly £521.13 more than last year)

So there you go, not bad. I'm pretty pleased with the 27 new products introduced, I didn't realise it was that many. With any luck i'll get closer to 50 this year.