Sunday, 27 November 2011


So I finally got round to finishing my Exeggcute t-shirt that's been sat idly half done on my computer for weeks now.

I'm pretty happy with it, although I messed up the layers quite a lot. Normally I keep everything pretty well organised, but for some reason with this one the whole thing was just a mess. Oh well, I got in done in the end regardless, so hopefully i'll learn from that mistake and not make so much extra work for myself in the future. It's also given me an idea for an Exeggutor design...don't ask me why i'm so hung up on Exeggcute/Exeggutor, they just lend themselves to these kind of designs I guess. Or something.

I also got round to uploading a couple more Iphone 4/4S cases that have been lying dormant to.

I should get the rest up soon, probably sometime within the next week or so. Hopefully by next weekend i'll have some preliminary sketches up for the Exeggutor design, as i've decided that I need to be sketching more often than I am. Obviously if I think of anything else in the mean time i'll scan and upload it to here. I've got a couple of other things that i've been working on, so I may upload the sketches of those sometime soon.