Friday, 5 October 2012

Bad news everyone

Dear James We are contacting you in accordance with Redbubble policy and as a result of us having received a complaint from Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, Inc., the claimed exclusive merchandise licensee in relation to the following content.
As you will be aware from our policy, Redbubble requires a certain amount of information before it acts on such a complaint, including that:
-          the relevant content is specifically named;
-          the complaint come from the owner of the respective rights (or someone authorised to act on their behalf); and -          they have a good faith belief that the use of the relevant content is not authorised by the owner, its agent or the law.
On the basis of that information and in accordance with our agreement and policy with you, we've removed the above mentioned content from Redbubble.

So yeah, no more Daft Punk stuff. Too bad as it was really popular, but there you go. The old Guy Manuel De Homem Christo & Thomas Bangalter ones are still up, but the ones that used word typography are gone.

Stuff like this really depresses me; yeah I made a little bit of money from my Daft Punk stuff, but that wasn't the point, and it's not even why it was removed. They would've taken it down even if I'd had my profit margin at 0%. I don't make this stuff for the money, it's just a bonus. I make this stuff because it's stuff that I'd want to wear, but nobody makes. I wanted a Daft Punk t-shirt, I couldn't find one, so I made one that I thought people would like. I'm a Daft Punk fan and I wanted to express that through what I wear, plus I wanted other fans to have something that doesn't seem to be available. It was fan made for fans, but despite that it's gone and now fans have gone back to having nothing. And that depresses me more than anything.