Thursday, 5 July 2012

Two new tees

I think this might have been the quickest i've ever made a tee. Got the idea for it at the weekend, started it on Tuesday, uploaded 2 versions of it on Thursday.

For everyone who isn't as into anime as me, her name is Revy and she's from Black Lagoon.

I actually really enjoyed doing this one, partly because I love the source material (pre-ordered season 1 & 2 the other day) but also because it allowed me to use a new technique. I looked through the Black Lagoon manga, looking for good poses that I could use as reference points for the design. Rather than finding just one pose though, I used several different images to build a template, and in doing so made an entirely new pose for Revy. Was pretty fun to chop up the source material like that and create something new out of it, so i'll have to bear it in mind for future designs, especially anything from manga or comic books.

Been meaning to do a Black Lagoon tee for ages now, so i'm really happy with this. I'll be buying one of these myself when I get paid in a few days time along with one of the One Piece ones I did a little while back. I'll post photos of them once they arrive.

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